When you don’t put effort into your relationship, marriage, love dies. Remember that a marriages either grows or weakens. Think of your marriage like a plant: if you fertilize it, water it, and notice when it is unhealthy, it will thrive. If you leave it to grow on its own, without any attention, it will wither. I have powerful spells designed to fix and save your marriage

One of the most common marital complaints is that, “We’re not in love anymore.” There are numerous people who file for divorce with that explanation, “I don’t love my spouse anymore.” Where does love go and how can you get it back.

You cannot maintain feelings of love and affection unless you consistently act in a loving way towards your partner. This means that you listen to your partner. You compliment and verbally appreciate your partner. You think of a million and one ways to show your partner how much you respect, admire, trust, faith and believe in him or her. That’s my advice but if its beyond then i suggest you seek for a spell designed to save you marriage.

  1. Do you feel disappointed in your partner. Your partner can sense when you are disappointed in him or her, even if you try to hide it. Respecting your partner is a must. You cannot have a healthy marriage if you are disappointed in your partner.

  2. Do feel disillusioned with your marriage. Disillusionment is another marriage issue. You may feel as if your marriage hasn’t lived up to your expectations. If so, take responsibility for your feelings. Don’t blame your partner or your marriage. If your marriage isn’t what you want it to be, change it. If you’re disillusioned, examine your expectations. Maybe they weren’t realistic in the first place. You are responsible for your own happiness, and blaming your partner for not giving you the marriage you wanted.

  3. Do you feel that there isn’t respect in your marriage . In some ways, respect for your partner is even more important than love for your partner. Have you ever noticed how you find it easy to like people who look up to you? When you respect and admire your partner, your partner will feel more loving feelings towards you. If your partner feels as if he or she has to live up to your expectations, constantly disappoints you, or can never get it right, you’ve failed to show your partner the respect that he or she deserves.

   4. Your partner doesn’t do what they say are going to do hence not a person of his / her own words.

   5. There is pride getting  in the way.

   6. Does your partner always want to be right.

   7. Your partner listen or take you serious.

   8. Your partner does things because they annoy you.

   9. Is your partner dishonest.

 10. Does your  has temper tantrums and/or are unable to control there emotions.