My name is Raju from Mumbai, India. My life has been hell lately. Although some say my friends are to blame, to me, I am the one to blame. After three years of happiness and joy that i had together with my fiancé, things went wrong when I began going out with my friends. We used to drink a lot and when I came home late, I paid no attention to my family and it did not stop there. I had an affair with one of her friends and she couldn’t stand that. She left me and I only realized after that, she is the one I need. And it was not going to be easy for me to get her back after all the pain I caused her. My friends were nowhere to be seen at that time, I had to suffer on my own. I searched for help and I even tried the Internet. I found Dr Hussein website. I read about his lost  love spell. At that time, I wanted anything to help me. I called him and we arranged everything. Dr Hussein cast a spell for me, i don’t know which kind of spell and things went the right way, we were back together and I didn’t have to struggle looking for her anymore. We have been together for three months and I have shown her that losing her was the worst thing ever. Thanks a lot Dr Hussein.